High quality handbags produced in own factory in the house
Sun Bag Sakamoto Co., Ltd. is a leading reptile skin handbag maker, who can produce exquisite handbags in the in-house factory no outsorcing any part of the process. Each handbag is hand-made by artisans of top notch technique with meticulous care.
Our High Technique Artisans
1.Made In Japan
We take pride in making handbags 100% in our in-house factory.
2.Our Principle In Material and Design
We select materials with utmost care and try to use the merit of each piece of the leathers as much as possible.
3.How to keep your handbag in goood condition.
Occasional maintenance of your handbag will ensure longer life of the product.
We accept repairs when your handbag is broken.
OEM production
Since we have a factory in house, we can accommodate small lot orders of crocodile or ostrich leather articles in variety of designs.
We can also make handbags to your order.
About Sun Bag Sakamoto
We launched production and sale of exotic leaher handbags, wallets, belts and small articles in March 1931. Information on the company and its history, click here.
Small articles
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